Tradespeople often refer to toilets as the “glory” part of the plumbing business, but all joking aside, it’s one fixture you don’t want to suddenly be without. In the ever-changing landscape of so-called “eco-friendly” toilets, there are a lot of land mines. Saving water is great, but not if you have to flush the toilet six times in order to clear the bowl! There are some fixture designs that work great and actually save water, and there are others that are, in my opinion, sorely lacking.

At John The Plumber, we believe in long-term solutions. So if your toilet can be repaired and still give great performance, we’ll let you know. If it looks like a poorly designed water-waster, or if it’s just a model we know is prone to breakdowns, we’ll recommend a new one that suits your needs. And with a 5 year tank lid-to-bowl bolts (a.k.a. “bumper-to-bumper”) warranty, your confidence in the investment will soar!